Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book writing

Finally manage to get the main characters started but the most important one the villain is coming along nicely. Whole thing will reflect the way he loves to gamble on things.

Anyway, wrote the whole thing using Visio. It gives me a chance to learn the software while accomplishing something. Got a book about it and started studying it.

Cancel my Audible account, been waiting months for their app for Windows phone. Just can’t see me carrying seven inch tablet while doing house working or yard work. I’ll miss them. Guess I’ll just listen to podcast now.

Read somewhere that tech guys that if you get Windows RT, it will cost the manufacturers 85 dollars. A course that includes office which would cost you 99 dollar just for it. Beside there will probably be a lot atom processor tablets running just Windows 8 than run less then you can buy Office for them if you want them. Must be a slow news day.

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